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This HDMI to ArtNet Converter is a software operated device that converts video to ArtNet in real time. The converter allows you to import and take over a pixel mapping from another HDMI device or media server. The software inside allows video scraping and pixel mapping setup.
A built-in real-time clock triggers, including astronomical clock “sunrise” and “sunset” events. Each pixel has a position in the display and an address in the Artnet universe.

  • Video Input:
    Input HDMI 2.0
    Support for input video resolutions (4K) up to 4096×2160 pixels by 60Hz
  • Output:
    Gigabit Ethernet
    Artnet, via standard Ethernet
    Video output resolution:
  • Frame rate: configurable in 1Hz steps
    Options for crop, scale, rotate and mirror of video content
    RGB/RGBW modes and conversion
  • Configuration:
    via Web interface with login by user name and password
    automatic discovery of connected Artnet converter nodes
  • Patching:
    Easy creation of templates for individual LED-modules
    Graphical placement and routing of LED-modules within the screen
  • Maintenance:
    Remote firmware update possible via web interface
  • Power management:
    Automatic re-boot after interruption of power supply
  • Hardware design:
    Robust steel housing, black
    Dimension: 25 x 20 x 7,85 cm (LBH)
    With a VESA-bracket (75/100 mm)
    Operation: 24/7

Control device:

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