LightnTec is a solution provider to create immersive spaces based on motion pattern: Automated guiding, entertaining, connecting and informing people.

We create a decisive added value for your target groups with personalized information and entertainment in real time using LED foil surface monitors.

We enable real-time visitor flow detection and guidance through the use of smart data and intelligent components, giving your customers and you more security. With the same systems and features, they can also achieve greater efficiency and return on investment.


Our mission is to open a new chapter in the digitzation of spaces for the benefit of customers and users. We connect, inform, guide, entertain people. We provide automized, personalized and real time solutions. We convert printed to digital.

DNA OF LightnTec

With digital innovations we improve your business, make it easier, safer and more successful. That is, what drives us. So we develop our products ourselves from the very first idea and we support you in all processes: From the first consultation to the service. With the agility of a start-up and the reliability of an experienced company. Because that’s where we come from.








The young high-tech venture has a long tradition, as the founders of LightnTec come from different technology companies and contribute many years of experience and know-how to the agile start-up for your special requirements. Our growth also means more employees and with it more consulting, performance and service for you.

The management team is active since 25 years in developing, manufacturing and sales in all markets related to dynamic lighting, signware, infotainment and virtual/augmented reality.
2016 The company is founded in Karlsruhe/Germany.
2019 LightnTec receives a seven digit funding from the European Union program “Horizon 2020”. Accelerated by these resources, the revolutionary technology of the company for digital lighton foil can be developed further over a period of two years commencing November 2019. The funds are also used for scaling up manufacturing in Karlsruhe.
The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under agreement No. 879805.
2020 Traxon e:cue, an Osram Brand and LightnTec announce cooperation. From now on the global company Traxon e:cue becomes a global distributor of the “Media Wall Paper” lighting foils. The market focus of Traxon e:cue will be on the architectural sector
2021  German Blue-Chip communication brand Telekom changes its logos to dynamic logo displays.  The first step in this direction is done with this prominent  digital version of their „T“ logo. With an overall height of 5ms, it is installed on the rooftop of the company’s corporate headquarters.
2021 The world’s first outdoor LED foil banner installations are  deployed by the Deutsche Bahn in Stuttgart, Burda Museum in Baden Baden and the Mega Media Wall in Düsseldorf.


LightnTec wins the “German Innovation Award 2018”

The Karlsruhe-based company LightnTec has won the “German Innovation Award” 2018. In the Lighting Solutions category, the company was honored for its innovation for “light and its control on thin film”. Karlsruhe, June 6, 2018. “We are very proud of this award. It is further confirmation of our intensive development work over the past years,” explain the
Managing Directors of LightnTec, Florian Kall and Lutz Nehrhoff von Holderberg. The “German Innovation Award” honors cross-industry products and solutions that distinguish themselves primarily through user-centeredness and added value compared to previous solutions. The prize is awarded by the German Design Council on the initiative of the German Bundestag.


Your implementation, our technology

LightnTec pixel-controlled skin LED-surfaces ledTec.flex  are very thin, ultralight, flexible, cuttable and bright. You may use our innovative high-tech material ledTec.flex, which is manufactured in Germany (Karlsruhe) indoor as well as outdoor. Our product family ledTec.flex | Wallpaper P32 | Banner P16 | Display P5) is like a flexible LED-display on foil substrate and can play standard video content.

Your automatic data analyses, our innovation

With motionTec.sens (tracking sensors, cameras and cmsPro-Cloud) you are able to detect, count and track people in 3D-spaces. With data automatically analysed by motionTec.sens | AI-Analytics (inclusive path analysis, dwell time, purchase power, gender and age) we control your digital signage as well as ledTec.flex LED-foils to play back videos. For connecting, guiding, entertaining and informing people for a unique customer experience for entertainment, for personalised advertising, but also for controlling people for their safety.


The multi layer light weight construction of our video displays reduces the use of elaborate substructures, rigging or scaffolding. The flexible foil also minimizes freight volume and weight for transport.

The  surface of the video foils can be coloured as desired, so that the basic colour in the daytime effect is not generated via power consumption. This leads to a considerable reduction of the energy to be introduced within 24 hours, especially of course when the sun is shining.

Our patented development can reduce light through the use of micro-optical structures and light guides to reduce power consumption and CO2-footprint by up to 50%. The upwards limited beam angle reduces the light pollution during the night.



Product launch – ledTec.flex | banner | P16 | 4000

The ledTec.flex | banner | p16 is a thin, flexible LED display with 36 x 18 pixels (576 x 288mm) and a 16.0mm pixel pitch. The foil has 4000NIT and is suitable for outdoor banner applications with high lumen output with best on cost electronic design and light weight requirements. The LED unit is unlimited to extend for large video displays.



CORDIS EU PRESS RELEASE: Reimagining the LED screen with digital wallpaper

The wafer thin, flexible, lightweight and endless scalable LED screen for dynamic ambient lighting and outdoor video walls.

Razor-thin dynamic digital monitors that can be applied like wallpaper could soon turn indoor and outdoor spaces into immersive experiences.

Imagine, a wall or ceiling becoming a giant, ultra-lightweight monitor capable of projecting videos and images and making any room or space more dynamic? Or flexible, digital ‘wallpaper’ being used to create immersive experiences inside the cabins of cars, trains and planes?



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