CORDIS EU PRESS RELEASE: Reimagining the LED screen with digital wallpaper

The wafer thin, flexible, lightweight and endless scalable LED screen for dynamic ambient lighting and outdoor video walls.

Razor-thin dynamic digital monitors that can be applied like wallpaper could soon turn indoor and outdoor spaces into immersive experiences.

Imagine, a wall or ceiling becoming a giant, ultra-lightweight monitor capable of projecting videos and images and making any room or space more dynamic? Or flexible, digital ‘wallpaper’ being used to create immersive experiences inside the cabins of cars, trains and planes?



Product launch – ledTec.flex | banner | P16 | 4000

The ledTec.flex | banner | p16 is a thin, flexible LED display with 36 x 18 pixels (576 x 288mm) and a 16.0mm pixel pitch. The foil has 4000NIT and is suitable for outdoor banner applications with high lumen output with best on cost electronic design and light weight requirements. The LED unit is unlimited to extend for large video displays.



Recruiter PEP GmbH looks for staff with LightnTec-Megascreen

Recruiting and training are big challenges in times of shortage of skilled employees. The personnel service provider PEP GmbH(People Experts Professionals) takes a strikingly different approach to address potential applicants. Above the rooftops in Düsseldorf’s north, a ledTec.flex banner with dynamic video content shines at a height of 35 meters.



Deutsche Bahn turns versatile by lightweight LightnTec-Screen 

In the Stuttgart metropolitan region, rail passengers and commuters at Plochingen station, an important rail hub, are informed and entertained via a 29m2 LightnTec.flex screen. As part of the station renovation, the ledTec.flex P37 foil screen was installed in a standard banner frame with conventional rubber band fixation.