Dynamic message at a height of 35 meters

Thanks to the weight-saving technology of ledTec.flex, an existing substructure could be used statically to search for personnel and introduce the provider quickly, unbureaucratically and cost-effectively via video. The display also pays for itself for the personnel service provider through third-party marketing.

The LED film was mounted on Alucobond panels. With a total weight of only 70 kg, the technology stands out from classic outdoor screens, which would have weighed around 800 kg in this dimension and required a complex new substructure. The high light intensity also ensures a high level of attention during the day.

A video-capable cloud system enables the company to design the dynamic playback itself, to record it and to change it at will. The system has been in continuous use for a year and has proven its worth as a luminous message in all weathers.

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