DIGITAL SIGNAGE IN A NEW WAY: anySize. anyPlace. anyShape. anyColor

Our customers are extremely creative in their use of our technology. Whether as a landmark of a Blue Chip corporation, as a round band in the sports arena, as an emotional support in treatment rooms, as an ambient experience on a cruise ship or as lighting adapted to the sleeping phases in an airplane.

ledTec.flex | display

This video display was developed for indoor and outdoor applications. It combines high brilliance and light output with a low installation depth. The foil allows adjustments to round or angled surfaces and walls.

ledTec.flex | banner

The application possibilities are as diverse as our pixel matrix and allow maximum flexibility compared to fixed and static LED displays and LED surfaces. From widely visible landmarks to large scale information and entertainment on facades in the busy streets of metropolises, everything is possible. anyShape. anySize. anyPlace

ledTec.flex | wallpaper

Wallpaper means the applications of this product to create an evocative atmosphere. Here it is not about detailed image content, but to create moods by means of the foil.

The foil itself allows flexible adaptation to curved or smooth surfaces and can be cut to size, just like real wallpaper.


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