Logos are getting dynamic – they show variable messages – they get more flexible in communication. The first step in this direction is done by Deutsche Telekom AG with the digital version of their „T“ logo. This “retrofit” logo with an overall height of 5m was installed on top of the roof of the company’s headquarters on Thursday.

The global company Traxon e:cue will become from now on a global distributor of "Media Wall Paper" lighting foils developed and produced by LightnTec, a Karlsruhe-based manufacturer. The market focus of Traxon e:cue will be on the architectural sector.

Lighntec on the EuroShop

Halle 3, Stand A17-18, 16 - 20 Feb in Düsseldorf

Funds from EU program“Horizon 2020” –Technology to be developped further

Karlsruhe, 17.10.2019. The start up LightnTec from Karlsruhe, Germany receives a seven digit funding from the EU program “Horizon 2020”. By means of these resources the revolutional technology of the company for digital lighton foil will be developped further over aperiod of two years commencing November 2019. The funds will alsobe used for scaling upmanufacturing in Karlsruhe.